Martial Arts accreditation

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Today, developing a new martial art is not an easy task, due to the existence of so many styles and forms, creating a totally new concept which is not a variant of an existing style is close to impossible. If you think you have discovered a totally new martial arts concept never seen before, you are more than welcome to submit your creation to our leading experts who will evaluate your creation professionally and objectively and will conclude if in their opinion you have created a totally new martial art or a variant of existing forms.

Just follow these five steps:


Read Reasons for designing a new Martial Arts Syllabus

and How to create a new syllabus

Submit the application form and pay the required fee.



Complete written assignments and present your full syllabus for evaluation as instructed



Present videotape of your full syllabus, including 3 different student rank examinations (if relevant).



Take the practical frontal examination with members from IMA Steering Committee.


Receive your new martial arts IMA accreditation certificate and enjoy our official recognition.


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