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In IMA we believe that seldom there is one absolute solution for a combat situation. Our world cannot be viewed as pure ”black or white”, as there are shades, there is usually more than one solution or a point of view for a given situation.
This is why we have assembled Israeli martial arts leaders, from various arts and disciplines into a professional Steering Committee – the best in their fields. Together they share the knowledge and experience of over 400 years. They all have solid and profound knowledge and a vast practical experience. They share an open approach and mind set to different concepts and ideas and they are committed to excellence.
They are here to share, teach, learn, and help you in achieving your martial goals.

Avi Vardi
Avi VardiHead of CQC at IMI college for advanced secuirity
David Arama
David AramaThe founder of Modern Kapap (8th Dan)
Dr. Guy Mor
Dr. Guy MorHead of Martial Arts department at Wingate Institute, associate professor Shanghai university of sport
Danny Netzer
Danny NetzerHead of the Krav Maga department in the IDF
Roy Faiga
Roy FaigaHead of Shi-Heun organisation (10th Dan)
Ronen Katz
Ronen Katz6th Dan in Kyokushin Karate, and official representative in Israel. Holds a 1st Dan black belt granted to him from Imi Lichtenfeld
Abi Moriya
Abi MoriyaProfessional coach and researcher, Senior lecturer at Wingate Institute
Ilan Maylech
Ilan MaylechSenior Judo coach and lecturer at Wingate Institute
Edan Harari
Edan HarariGrand master in Capoeira (10th Dan equivalence), holds substantial knowledge in Karate (1st Dan) and Krav-Maga (1st Dan), an expert in movement and physical preparation processes
Rami Sasson
Rami Sasson Expert Ju-Jitsu (8th Dan) and MMA coach, the official representative of Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association in Israel


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