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IMA instructors-team is professional, qualified and eager to assist you in reaching your goals.

All our team-instructors are:

  1. Certified Martial Arts instructors.
  2. Have vast experience.
  3. Posses excellent teaching skills.
  4. Can help you to progress.
  5. Our Krav-Maga instructors are IDF veterans.

With the assistance of our instructors’ team you can:

  • Improve your performance and understandings of Krav Maga/martial arts techniques and principles.
  • Better prepare for your rank examination.

As an affiliate you can:

  • Get valuable feedback to  improve your teaching skills.
  • Get valuable feedback to widen your knowledge in coaching methodology.
  • Host an IMA official seminar in your club.
  • Get reinforcements or a substitutes instructor to your club.

Want to train with our team?

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Matan Korb
Matan KorbIMA Krav Maga instructor
Matan is an official IMA Krav Maga instructor, lives in Tzoran, Israel.
Matan has been training Karate Kyokushinkai for over 18 years and training Krav Maga for 6 years.
Have been competing abroad in Karate Kumite for the last 10 years and won the 2nd and 3rd place in European junior of 2008, 2009.
1st place in the Hungarian open in 2016 and Israel champion for many consecutive years.
In his IDF service, Matan was a highly esteemed Krav Maga instructor:
*Senior Krav Maga instructor in the IDF School For Combat Fitness (Wingate army base).
*The Krav Maga officer of the IDF School For Infantry Commanders (‘Bislamach’).
*The Krav Maga officer of the IDF Counter Terror School (‘Lotar’).
After his service years, Matan worked as a Krav Maga instructor at the School For Court Guard Security, and as a private Krav Maga and fitness instructor to civilians.

A message from Matan- “Hard work and dedication are the key elements to success”.

Omer Topaz
Omer TopazIMA Krav Maga instructor
Omer is an official IMA Krav Maga instructor, lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Omer is a highly versatile fighter that has practiced MMA, Kyokushin & Shotokan Karate and Krav-Maga since 1998.
In his IDF service, Omer was a senior Krav Maga instructor in the IDF School For Combat Fitness (Wingate army base).
After his officers’ course, Omer was assigned to a new Krav Maga officer position and is regarded as one of the most esteemed Krav Maga officers in the IDF. Omer single-handedly built and commanded a new Krav Maga instructor team which their role was:
*Help and guide new Krav Maga instructors to learn and adapt to their role.
*Monitor and help conduct Krav Maga drills and scenarios to end units in IDF.
*Teach Krav Maga in end units that have no permanent Krav Maga instructors.
In addition to his work with IMA, Omer is a B.A. student at the IDC Herzliya and has his own Martial Arts classes for kids and adults in northern Tel Aviv.

A message from Omer- “I believe in Martial Arts as a way of life,
as a tool not only for becoming a better Martial Artist but a better human being.

Tsach Harel
Tsach HarelIMA Krav Maga instructor
Tsach is an official IMA Krav Maga instructor, lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Tsach has been training Martial Arts for over 19 years and specializes in Krav Maga, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, and Muay-Thai.
As a competitor boxer in his youth, Tsach has won the 2nd and 1st place in Israel Boxing championship (2009, 2010), and has participated in many tournaments.
In his IDF service, Tsach was:
*Krav Maga senior instructor at the School For Combat Fitness (Wingate army base).
*Krav Maga officer at the School For combat Fitness (Wingate army base).
Tsach was the head of the Krav Maga department, in charge of training Krav Maga to almost all units in the IDF, and the commander of the IDF Krav Maga instructors course, teaching and certifying hundreds of Krav Maga instructor over the years.
After his service, Tsach has opened successful Martial Arts and combat fitness gyms’ in Haifa and in Tel Aviv, where he currently teaches in addition to his work with IMA.
Tsach is a B.A. student at Tel Aviv University.

A message from Tsach- “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it”.


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