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IMA was formed to:

  • Cultivate spread and promote authentic Israeli combat disciplines.
  • Act as a governing body and quality assurance  stamp.
  • Serve as a platform for mutual growth and professional development.

We are committed to promote and preserve Israeli Martial arts heritage, to respect variance and uphold a code of respectful conduct among all members of our community.

Our professional standards and guidelines are supported by a ten-member professional steering committee . The variety and proficiency of this unique committee, reflects our aspirations for high standards, belief in plurality, and commitment to excellence.

We invite you to join today our global community as a member or affiliate , and start enjoying the best martial arts professional resources available today.


  • To share knowledge openly and respectfully with all members of our community.
  • To supply the best available professional knowledge guidance and support.
  • To enable continues progress of our members.
  • To promote and preserve authentic Israeli combat disciplines heritage.
  • To represent  Israel  respectably and in good faith.


IMA allows you to access the latest articles, lectures, videos, opinions and lesson plans, as well as updates on activities, members’ achievements and Martial Arts news.

Off-line activities include, practical lessons in our affiliates clubs, seminars, courses, rank advancements, frontal and online private lessons, tutoring, and consultation, all delivered in the most authentic and direct possible way.

Our affiliates may also enjoy, professional support, guidance, official accreditation and belonging to the leading body of Israeli Martial Arts.

For more information on our affiliation program click here.


In IMA we believe that seldom there is only one correct answer to a given matter, and that sharing knowledge openly, is a recipe for mutual progress and success.

This is why we have assembled an expert steering committee composed of IDF and Israeli security veterans, leading figures in Israeli Martial Arts, professionals in CQC, combat coaching, health and fitness, business development and more.

We aim to inspire to plurality, sharing knowledge, openness and respect among all members  of our community.



Our affiliates are instructors and club owners who constantly learn and teach martial arts. They put their students in the center and will work hard to empower them through martial arts training.

To become an IMA affiliate, the applicant must meet the following standards:

  1. Have at least a black belt 1st Dan or Expert 1 level, from an entity accredited by IMA.
  2. Have an instructor’s certificate from a school/federation which is accredited by IMA.
  3. Teach martial arts on regular bases in a set location.
  4. The applicant must be approved by our steering committee.
  5. The applicant should sign our Affiliation agreement.

To apply for Affiliation


Whether you are a martial artists, a self-defense or Krav-Maga practitioner, a combat enthusiastic or a martial athlete. If you have the urge to learn more about martial arts, combat methods training concepts in general and in Israeli MA specifically, your place is with us! Register now for free, become an IMA member, and start enjoying our unfiltered information and our ‘kicking community’.


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